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marine art


every picture where the magic of the sea is in focus will be a piece of marine art.

you will find them as marine landscapes, boats as main objects of a marine environment, ship portraits, stories from the sea and even as a kind of animal painting

strandjus.jpg (69000 bytes)

< Shore light

opsea.jpg (126000 bytes)

< Open sea

olda.jpg (32000 bytes)

< The old quay

sydkust.jpg (18961 bytes) South coast

skan.jpg (34000 bytes) Hammars Backar

lod.jpg (89000 bytes) Kaaseberga mot Loederups Backar

bas.jpg (823000 bytes) Baltic shore

sten.jpg (54000 bytes) Stenshuvud

novkul.jpg (48000 bytes) November sun over the islands

hoest.jpe (22500 bytes)

autumn at sea 1

anchor.jpg(47000 bytes)

at anchor

correctflag.jpg (145000 bytes)

Old S/Y Hiorten launched in 1692 retro empire style

hjo1.jpg (98000 bytes)

S/Y Hiorten launched in 1999 at Senoren island

jortram.jpg (41100 bytes)

S/Y Hiorten launched in 1999

symb.jpg (115000 bytes)

Drying sails in the sun set /I>

nedj.jpg(37912 bytes)<=>

S/S Nedjan lost in a winter storm in January 1954<

dodskep.jpg (24000 bytes) The dead ship

blaplat.jpg (12000 bytes) ships at the horizon

vitb.jpg (36000 bytes) The white boat

loderup.jpg (16000 bytes) Loederup heights

mont.jpg (12000 bytes) Montego bay

stillab.jpg (12000 bytes) Spring at sea

bansten.jpg (16000 bytes)

Summer-looking for amber

sand.jpg (13000 bytes) Sandhammaren 1

sandII.jpg (143000 bytes) Sandhammaren 2

septem.jpg (16000 bytes) September

<FONT October

vintny.jpg (16000 bytes) Winter time

wave.jpg (372000 bytes) The big wave

blattliten.jpe (18000 bytes) Impression of a wave

sten1.jpg (18000 bytes) Stoneware 1

sten2.jpg (18000 bytes) Stoneware 2

sten3.jpg (18000 bytes) Stoneware 3

seasca.jpg (13000 bytes)seascape

hiortbl.jpg (99000 bytes) Early morning sailing

hiortro.jpg (108000 bytes) Sailing at sunset

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